Muse & The Revivalists Talk Stage-Diving & More Ahead of ALTer EGO 2019

The Revivalists and Muse are gearing up to hit the stage at The Forum in Los Angeles during 2019's iHeartRadio ALTer EGO. The bands share the lineup with some of alternative rock's biggest acts including twenty one pilots, The Killers, Weezer, Rise Against, and Bishop Briggs, who will all be performing on January 19th. 

Fans across the country can watch the entire concert live via LiveXLive at 10:30pm ET/7:30pm PT. Access the live stream at, through the LiveXLive mobile and OTT apps for iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. The stream will also appear on YouTube, LiveXLive's Twitch channel and other social platform. You can also listen live via iHeartRadio's Alternative Radio station, which will also be broadcast live across over 70 Alternative and Rock iHeartRadio stations. 

Muse had an exciting 2018 which saw the release of their eighth full-length studio album Simulation Theory, which includes singles like "Dig Down," "Thought Contagion," "Something Human" and more. And now, the guys are about to hit the road on their massive "Simulation Theory World Tour."

Meanwhile, The Revivalists had an amazing year of their own with release of their latest album Take Good Care. The LP featured their No. 1 hit single "All My Friends," as well as songs like "Change" and "You and I." 

Ahead of their ALTer EGO performances, both Muse and The Revivalists answered some fun questions about who they would like to stage dive with, who they would get a tattoo with and more.

On Stage-Diving:

Muse's Dominic Howard revealed that his pick for a stage-diving partner out of everyone on the lineup would be none other than Bishop Briggs. He explained, "I reckon she's cool and I think she probably looks like she likes stage diving." 

Meanwhile, Weezer's Rivers Cuomo was the stage-dive partner selected by The Revivalists' Dave Shaw. Shaw said, "I'd have to say Rivers Cuomo. Just because, I've been listening to that band for 20 years and that would just satisfy a lot of things from the young me to the old me."

On Collaborations:

Matt Bellamy is all about a twenty one pilots collab happening. He tells us, "I've met Tyler before, he's a great guy and they're both really talented people."

As for The Revivalists, Dave picked Bishop Briggs, but Eddie is ready to jam with Muse. He explains, "I mean, it would be pretty sick to do a little jam with Muse. You got the guitar player from Muse up there on a song." He added, "You're welcome, if you're watching this, anybody in Muse, [and] you wanna send 'em, the door's open."

On Getting A Tattoo:

Muse's Dominic Howard has the inside scoop on rock bands with good tattoos, and in case you didn't know, Rise Against have some good ones. "If I was gonna get a tattoo, which I don't have a tattoo, but if I was going to get one, probably Rise Against, because we actually played with them when we did that Rage Against the Machine show. And I think they've got some good tattoos, so they probably know where to go, and probably got some good advice. Just a big Rise Against logo on the arm."

The Revivalists' Eddie also doesn't have any tattoos, but Dave says he would bring their bandmate Rob along to get some fresh matching ink inspired by '90s Knicks players.

On Exploring LA at 2AM:

Muse knows exactly who they'd want to roam the streets of Los Angeles with at two in the morning, there's no contest, it's Weezer. Bellamy explains, "Rivers Cuomo, I think he's lived there for a long time, so he probably knows LA way better than we do and he strikes me as an interesting character. So I'm sure he's got some really cool stories about LA history."

The Revivalists also chose Weezer as their 2AM LA hangout buddies. They explain, "It would have to be Weezer, 100%. I would love to get a coffee and some pancakes with those guys at one in the morning, they some like very likable, down to earth gentlemen. Maybe we'll have a couple of Bud Lights, I don't know, maybe even some syrup."

Muse 2018

Muse 2018

The Revivalists

The Revivalists

Photos: Katherine Tyler & Rachel Kaplan

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