Hundreds Of Rockets Fired From Gaza Strip Into Tel Aviv


Hamas launched 130 rockets from the Gaza Strip into Tel Aviv, Israel's second-most populated city, in retaliation for attacks launched by Israel on Tuesday (May 11). The Islamic Jihad militant group vowed to fire more rockets if Israel continues to attack targets in the Gaza Strip.

While Israel's Iron Dome managed to intercept most of the rockets, some made it through and landed in the suburbs of Tel Aviv. According to the Times of Israel, at least six people, including a five-year-old girl, were injured by a rocket in the city of Holon, which is south of Tel Aviv. Four people were wounded in Givatayim when debris from one of the intercepted rockets landed on a home.

According to NBC News, at least 28 Palestinians, including ten children and two Israelis, have been killed by rocket attacks from both sides.

The rocket attacks followed days of violence between Israelis and Palestinians over the potential eviction of Palestinians who live in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. On Friday, over 200 people were injured when Israeli police in riot gear clashed with Palestinians near the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. On Saturday, more than 100 people were hurt during the second night of unrest in Jerusalem.

Photo: Getty Images