Cigarette Cockroach Is The New Pizza Rat In New York

First there was the pizza rat, that took the world by storm in 2015. Now there is a new Internet sensation found in New York and it's being called the 'cigarette cockroach.'

On Friday, Tom Kretchmar tweeted a video that shows a cockroach carrying a cigarette across a sewer grate. The video was shot at the intersection of 53rd Street and Fifth Avenue. The video in the tweet has reached 3.7 million views. With over 23 thousand people talking about it, Twitter users are getting in on the jokes.

"someone should tell him those aren’t good for his health" says one Twitter user.

"I guess if you have a lifespan of only 160 days, you might think, 'Why not?'" NPR host Scott Simon tweeted.

After watching the cockroach for about 90 seconds, attorney Kretchmar moved on from the scene.. never knowing if he found a light.

Photo: Tom Kretchmar

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