The Truth About Adam Levine’s Super Bowl Tank Top

This is just a working theory, but if I was in front of 100 million TV viewers and I learned the shirt I was wearing came from a pillow or some curtains, I'd take it off too. =P

[ VIDEO ] The REAL reason Adam Levine took his shirt off during the Super Bowl Halftime show?

Maroon 5's Super Bowl halftime show is getting mixed reactions, and Adam Levine’s brown tank top is gaining attention on social media. Some fans are comparing the shirt to a pattern on their pillows, curtains, and even their upholstered chairs. People took to social media, sharing photos of items they found that resembled the pattern on his tank top. His tank top didn’t stay on for long, and now some are pointing out that Janet Jackson got in trouble for showing too much skin in 2004.

Jump to 1m18s for the tank top info.

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