A Mysterious Stranger Appears At The Scene

There are moments in life that cannot be explained.  There are no real answers as to how they came together.

Katie Lentz experienced one of those moments.

In 2013, she was involved in a drunk driving accident.  For nearly an hour, Katie was trapped, unable to move and struggling to breathe.  First responders tried to free her from the car, but time was slipping away.  She even began to accept that she might not make it out alive.

Then, out of nowhere, a mysterious figure came into view and led the group in prayer.  The man was dressed like a priest.  Just as quickly as he came into the crowd, he disappeared. 

Katie ended up surviving.  But the mystery man was nowhere to be found.  There were tons of photos taken around the wreck, and he wasn't in a single one.  Who was he?  Was he an angel?

To find out the answer...you'll have to watch the video below.  I think you'll enjoy the result.

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