Eatery Rumah Rasa Serving Blue Turkey For Christmas

Have A Blue Christmas With Rumah Rasa’s Blue Bird + Indomie Stuffing At Bay Hotel

Indonesian eatery Rumah Rasa is actually serving blue turkey with Indomie stuffing for Christmas.

Ad From The Hotel:

Don’t be alarmed when you see blue turkey as one of their dishes! The Blue Bird with Indomie Stuffing is the highlight of their festive buffet.

Infused with blue butterfly pea, the oven-roasted tandoori turkey comes with Indomie stuffing folded into bread and soaked in milk, then seasoned with Indonesian spices and herbs.

Not only can diners expect an unusually-coloured bird for their festive meal, but there’ll also be a variety of Indonesian dishes, such as Kicap Pedas Manis Siakap (fish cooked in hot and spicy sauce), Sapi Besengek (grated coconut and turmeric beef cubes), Rendang Cottage Pie and many more.

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