Icelandic Craft Beer Made With Whale Testicles And Sheep Poop

While there's never a reason to judge another culture's food, you have to admit this Icelandic beer has some very strange ingredients. 

Stedji Brewery has been producing a seasonal beer called Hvalur since 2012, which is made with salted whale testicles and smoked sheep dung. 

The beer was created to pair with Iceland's annual food festival, Thorrablot. Some of the fares served include boiled sheep heads, ram testicles, fermented shark, soured whale fats and blood pudding. 

Animal rights activists aren't big fans of the brew, attacking their use of fin whale in the manufacturing process. 

This Icelandic beer is made of whale testicle and sheep’s dung

— Lonely Planet News (@LPtravelnews) August 29, 2018

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