12 Year Old Catcher Gets Ejected for Winning

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12 Year Old Catcher Gets Ejected for Winning

[ WATCH IT ] Am I missing something here? What did he do wrong? Do you see it??

"In the sixth (and last) inning of a USSSA 12U Major Super NIT pool game, the Bomberz are mounting a rally against the Titans and have runners on second and third with one out when a new pitcher is called on to relieve and take over on the mound to stop the rally. The relief pitcher quickly shuts down the Bomberz, striking out both batters he faces, and the Titans win the game 8-3. However, following the third strike that ends the game and without any previous incidents, or any warnings, the ump ejected the catcher for what he claimed was "unsportsmanlike conduct." Two Titan coaches were then thrown out of the game after expressing their bewilderment of the ejection to the ump when he would not (or could not) tell them what specifically the kid did or said that was unsportsmanlike. The kid stands there silent, baffled by what just happened to him. Since this game had just ended, the people ejected by the ump could not participate in the tournament's next game the following day. Later the tournament director (who had been watching the game and heard no swearing by the catcher nor saw anything close to being interpreted as unsportsmanlike), after consulting with the umpires and the other team's coaches, reinstated the catcher. But he didn't reinstate the kid's coaches, and the team still had the disadvantage of playing their next game of the tournament without either their manager or first base coach. This is an otherwise excellent umpire, but bad blood between him and the kid's coach had been brewing long before this tournament... and the ump simply misinterpreted what he thought he saw and heard here, and over-reacted before he processed it all."


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