Disturbing Video Shows Woman Kicking Child

[ WATCH IT ] The man is trying to break up a fight between two kids when this woman comes in and kicks one of the kids twice.

Disturbing video shows the shocking moment a mother KICKS a little boy in a playground and threatens to make him infertile screaming, ‘I’m going to kick you in the f***ing nuts'. Philadelphia police are looking for man and woman in video for possible child abuse. Police are looking for a woman and man after the woman was caught on cellphone video kicking a little boy multiple times at a park in Philadelphia. The woman reportedly tried to make her daughter fight the little boy. When the boy kicked her daughter the woman responded by kicking him in the butt and threatening to make him infertile. Police in Philadelphia are seeking the public's help in identifying a woman seen in a viral video kicking a little boy on the playground and threatening to make him infertile.

The disturbing incident happened at Tacony Park in Philadelphia. A video of a woman kicking and screaming at a young boy was caught on cellphone video by Kelly Jax and posted on Facebook earlier this week. In the video, a little girl and boy appear to be fighting when the little boy kicks the girl in the stomach. An unidentified man separates the kids, saying 'stop kicking, no kicking y'all'. As the man tries to keep the kids apart, a woman kicks the little boy hard in the butt multiple times. 'No kicking,' she yells, kicking the child a second time. 'You wanna kick? How you feel? You kicked her in the stomach, I'm gonna kick you in your f***ing nuts and you ain't gonna be able to have kids.' disound.turbing video shows the moment upset mom kicks little boy on playgr 2018 video.

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