Armed Robbers Blow The Doors Off An Armored Car In Broad Daylight

In Johannesburg, a group of thieves organized a burglary that had all blockbuster elements to it. Cars, spectacular explosions and fast getaway cars were all there. The burglars took advantage of Johannesburg’s rush hour to plant explosives on the back of an armored car. The guards were held at gunpoint and forced to exit the vehicle. Then the crew blew the armored doors off in a spectacular manner. With no guards and no doors to hold the money back, the crew unloaded the money and escaped.

Per police reports, a few civilians got hurt during the robbery and there was some damage to the surrounding cars. Namely, one motorist was hit by debris and car doors struck some of the passing cars. Upon successfully completing the robbery, the heist crew fled the scene in a Mercedes-Benz and a BMW.

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