He Hired A Hitman To Take Care Of His Wife. But The Headline... OH DEAR!

Two men are in a bar.

“I want to kill my wife”, says one.

“Why not ask Arti, over there”, says the other man, pointing to a man at the end of the bar. “Arti over there is a top hitman” the friend goes on.

So the man approaches Arti. “Are you Arti the hitman?” asks the man. “Sure am”, replies Arti. “You couldn’t murder my wife for me, could you?” asks the man. “I can”, replies Arti, “And you know, I promised my Master, who taught me the noble art of assassination, that I would do my one hundredth kill for a fee of just one dollar, and give the client two further kills for free”.

“Great!”, says the man. ”Could you kill my wife, her sister and my mother in law”. “OK”, replies Arti. “Get them to go to Walmart tomorrow at 10.00am”.

“Right”, says the man.

The following day the man’s wife, her sister and his mother-in-law are tricked by the man to go to Walmart. In walks Arti and in no time at all he strangles the wife, her sister and mother-in-law. All the newspapers lead with the same headline the following day:

“Arti Chokes Three for a Dollar at Walmart”

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