Feminist Wrestlers Are The Modern Day GLOW

MEET the all-women wrestling movement and the woman behind it who overcame a breakdown and being sectioned to put on the biggest women’s wrestling show in Europe. Once a month at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green a rosta of approximately 12 female wrestlers step into the 16ft by 16ft wrestling ring to chokeslam, dropkick and maybe even moonsault one another; all in the name of entertainment – and feminism. In a black vest, with a shock of neon pink hair, Emily Read gets the crowd going at an EVE pro wrestling evening: “Are we ready to have a good time? Are we ready for some wrestling?”  Emily, 32, co-founded EVE in 2009 with her then partner, now-husband, Dann, who she met on the promoting circuit. Wanting to give female wrestlers a platform to be the main event rather than the bikini-clad side attraction, Emily and Dann began EVE, “an all women’s Pro Wrestling Promotion” with a “grass roots punk vibe”.

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