Three Vampires Were Bragging About Their Strength...

One day there were three vampires bragging about their strength and power to each other.The first vampire said, "look at my skill" and poof he's gone in a blink of an eye. 

He comes back with his mouth covered in blood and says, "see that village over there? I have sucked dry all of the villagers' blood".The second vampire was impressed but didn't want to seem inferior. Poof He's gone in a split second. 

He returns, mouth covered in blood and says, "see that town over there? I have sucked the townspeople's blood down to the last drop".

The last vampire also wants to show off his skill. Poof he's gone at the speed of light. He comes back, his entire face covered in blood. The first to vampires are in awe! 

The last vampire says, "see that lamp post over there?" The first two vampires eagerly nod, impatient to hear of his feat. 

The last vampire continues, "well... I sure didn't."

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