A Cowboy Goes For A Job Interview. How He Answered A Question… WINS!

A cowboy came in for an interview at a well-established company. The interviewer, already a little leery of the man's getup, proceeded to ask him a simple question.

"If you were to lose one of your ears, what would you be?"

"Well, I'd be half-blind," the cowboy responded.

"Half-blind? Don't you mean half-deaf?" the interviewer asked.

"Well, that too, I s'pose."

Taken aback, the interviewer asks a follow-up question. "If you lost both your ears, what would you be then?"

"I'd be full-on blind then, for sure."

"Why in the world would you think that?" the interviewer asked, flabbergasted.

"If I didn't have no ears, my hat'd fall down over my eyes and I wouldn't see a darn thing."

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