Homeless Student Is Starving And Has Nowhere To Go, But She Was There…

Carolyn Collins is not like any other school employee. She is a custodian at Tucker High School, but despite all her great qualifications, Carolyn is known for something else. She started to notice that there were more and more kid coming to school that were homeless. Yes, in our rich nation there are homeless kids from homeless family that go to school. She noticed these kids wanted to improve themselves but it was hard because they were HUNGRY. And not just that, sometimes she noticed that their clothes were not the right ones, so they were cold in Winter..

That’s when Carolyn decided to come up with an idea that made her who she is today. She came up with the started The Care Closet!

She collects supplies, clothes, sometimes some food and help students in need. Those students that want to break the cycle, go to college and leave the streets. 

Check this clip out. This woman is nothing short of a saint!

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