Cop Slams 105-pound Sorority Girl to the Ground After a Bar Brawl

(above video) The defense attorney for a Colorado State University student released this body camera footage from the student's arrest in Fort Collins on April 6, 2017, which he alleges shows the officer using excessive force.

The case gained notoriety after a bystander recorded a nine-second video of Officer Randy Klamser forcing Michaella Surat to the ground during the arrest.

(below video) Michaella Surat, 22, also tells "GMA" she is "getting death threats" after a video of her being thrown to the ground by police in Fort Collins, Colorado, went viral.

Out of the handful of times I've been arrested I was only taken to the ground one time. I was wasted and fighting the cops. I’ve been sober ever since. That was July 13th, 2009.Every other time I was arrested I followed the directions given to me and never was injured, hurt or thrown to the ground. In fact at times I had charges reduced or dropped. - Bside

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