Army Soldiers Cut Straps to Humvee Parachutes to Watch Them Drop to Earth

US Soldier Found Guilty Of Destroying Three Humvees Worth $660,000

An American soldier has been found guilty of deliberately destroying three armored Humvees by cutting the straps attaching them to their parachutes before they were dropped out of a plane during an airborne exercise.

A court martial on Wednesday (5/9/18) convicted Sergeant John T. Skipper, 29, of three counts of destroying military property and one of lying during the official criminal investigation into the incident in Germany in April 2016.

The armored vehicles, which can cost as much as $220,000 each, were being flown into the Hohenfels military base when they were dropped out the back of C-130 Hercules transport planes before crashing to the ground. Video of the incident went viral last year.    

The viral video shows the Hercules aircraft flying overhead as various vehicles and gear are dropped gently down to solid ground.

Skipper, who was in charge of ensuring the parachutes were properly rigged, cut their chords before they left the plane.   

They laugh even louder as the second Humvee plummets to the earth from another plane just moments later. One soldier can hardly contain his laughter and lets off a string of expletives.  And seconds later, another plunges after its parachute fails, with the men remarking that it appeared to catch fire after the bumpy landing. 

No one was hurt.

See the original video below.

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