Tumbleweeds Invade A Suburb and It's Pretty Freaky

A recent tumbleweed invasion in Victorville, California — a remote city northeast of Los Angeles best-known for being on the freeway from L.A. to Las Vegas — has attracted national attention after images of homes buried under the rolling dry weeds have gone viral all over social media.

But you have to see the images to believe it.

Authorities blamed wind gusts of up to 60 mph for blowing the dry weeds into neighborhoods where as many as 150 homes were affected by the invasion, the Victorville Daily Press reported. Some homes were so buried in tumbleweeds that residents called 911 for help.

Tumbleweeds are no strangers to many parts of California and a few other states like Texas and Kansas, and they can be seen rolling across roads or stuck in fences. But where do these invasive, prickly weeds come from?

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