They Will Be Burned At The Stake. But When One Started Laughing...

Three Americans are on a vacation hiking in a jungle in the Amazon.

While there, they are attacked by tribesmen. The men say they'll burn them at the stake unless they're able to complete two challenges. They agree.

The first task is to go in to the center of the jungle and collect eight of of one fruit. The first tourist, Craig, collects eight oranges. The second, Bob, finds eight grapes. They all sit and wait for the third, Roy, but they don't see him so they just go on without him.

The next task is to shove all of the fruit that they collected up their behind without showing any emotion on their face. Craig gets to two oranges before he starts crying. So they tie him to a stake, ready to be burned. Bob gets to six grapes before he starts laughing uncontrollably, and they tie him to the stake too.

Just before the cannibals set fire to the stake, Craig says to Bob, "Why did you start laughing?! You could have gone free!"

Bob replies, "Because I just saw Roy coming out of the woods with eight pineapples."

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