Facebook Should Shut Down Messenger Kids, Child Advocates Say

My son Gavin (9yo) basically has an iPad mini that he uses to watch videos, read and play Minecraft on. His mom and I closely monitor all of that. His kids YouTube account is connected to mine so I know EVERYTHING he watches. If he downloads a free app it automatically downloads to my iPhone at the same time. So when his mom said she was setting up a messenger account for him I was skeptical at first, but now I love it.

How the messenger works is the only people who can message him have to be pre-approved by his mom. The only people on the list are family. That’s it. Gavin’s mom and I aren’t together so when I run across a funny video or picture I can send it to him when he’s at his moms. She does the same thing when he’s with me. 

If you have shared custody you know how much of a bummer it is when you don’t have your kids. This helps take that “sting” away. The last thing I sent to Gavin was a picture of Grand Rapids, MI made out of LEGO pieces and he loved it.

The app isn’t bad… it’s how you use it.



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