Brand New Navy Warship Trapped In Canada Due To Winter Weather


A brand new, $440 million warship has been stuck in Canada since Christmas Eve, and will remain there until weather conditions improve. According to Fox News, the ship was commissioned on December 16, in Buffalo, NY before making it's way to Montreal, where it has been stuck due to historic cold weather that has frozen waterways, making it unsafe for the ship to leave. 

Lieutenant Commander Courtney Hillson said the decision to keep the USS Little Rock in Montreal was for safety reasons and that the delay will have "limited impact on the ship's operational schedule." 

Keeping the ship in Montreal until waterways are clear ensures the safety of the ship and crew, and will have limited impact on the ship’s operational schedule.

The Toronto Star reports the ship has been equipped with heaters and deicers to help keep the hull free of ice. The sailors have been given warm-weather clothing, and will focus on training while they wait for warm weather to return. 

The USS Little Rock is a Littoral Combat Ship that measures 387 feet and is capable of reaching speeds of 46 miles-per-hour. It is "described as agile and designed for rapid transitions between missions with minimal manning."

The Navy has not released a timeline when they expect the ship to head back it's home port in Mayport, Florida. 


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