Courthouse Brawl Leads To Police Fatally Shooting Teenager


A 16-year-old was shot and killed by a police deputy following an altercation in an Ohio courtroom. According to Fox News, Joseph Haynes was appearing in court to face charges of menacing involving a gun. After the hearing, the family and police got into an argument, which quickly turned violent. 

Fox 28 reports that the deputy was knocked the ground during the scuffle and fired one shot, striking Haynes in the abdomen. He was rushed to the hospital where he died from his injuries. 

Haynes' grandmother blames police for the shooting. She said that police ordered his mother out of the court room, but did not allow her time to gather her belongings. She said that's when her grandson got involved and "grabbed [the officer] by his shoulders."

Joey went over, grabbed him by his shoulders and the guy slung him around and slung Joey to the ground. And then he got on top of Joey ... and then Joey's hands were up in the air like that and the cop with his hand down by his side and the gun went off, he pulled the trigger on my grandson.

The officer was also taken to the hospital, but authorities did not release any information on his condition. A police union spokesman said the unnamed officer "was violently attacked by multiple people." The spokesman added that "this was a fight for his life."


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