California's Homeless Problem Highlighted in One Video

posted by RJ Johnson @rickerthewriter - 

California's homeless problem is being highlighted in a ten-minute video that's making the rounds on the internet. 

Filmed along the 22-mile SART bike path, thousands of homeless people in tents, shanties and makeshift shelters are seen to have made their home alongside such Southern California landmarks like Angels stadium, along the Santa Ana River. 

According to the New York Times, more than one-quarter of the nation's homeless live in California (around 114,000), the vast majority of which are "unsheltered." Los Angeles County alone accounted for nearly half of those. 

That makes Los Angeles the center of the homelessness crisis, something that city officials have been struggling with over the last few years. Last year, voters approved a measure designed to raise more than $4.7 billion over the next ten years that would go to affordable housing and homeless services. 

You can watch the full video that's trending online now below: 


Photo: Getty Images


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