It is soo great to see people come together to help a fellow person in need!!!!

Eric is a man who had been living on the streets, till one day back in March when YouTube prankster Magic of Rahat gave him the gift of a lifetime. Rahat handed Eric a lottery ticket, but before giving it over to the then-homeless man, he gave the clerk who sold the ticket $1,000 so that Eric could experience the dream of winning the lotto.

Of course after the video was posted Eric won the hearts everyone due to his generosity when he broke down crying and offered to share his winnings with Rahat. Strangers were so overcome with Eric’s selflessness that they started emptying their pockets to give the generous guy a second chance.



A campaign was set up for him and has since collected more than $40,000. The is being used to rent Eric a home for a year and pay for utilities, furniture and clothes. The remainder will be placed in a monitored bank account.