Founders Pale Ale will carry a new label, as the U.S. Navy's newest aircraft carrier is christened Saturday.  

Founders Co-founder Dave Engbars said "We make beer" and never saw this coming.  He said he got goosebumps from the idea of making a special label for what is, officially,   CVN-78,  the newest U.S. Navy aircraft carrier design in 40 years. 

Redesigned from keel to mast, the ship will be able to launch aircraft more quickly while costing less to maintain, saving the Navy a projected $4 billion over the ship's 50-year life span.

Ford, of course, was the 38th President of the United States.  The locals know he grew up in Grand Rapids, represented West Michigan in Congress, and became President  with Richard Nixon's resignation.

In celebration of the ship's christening, Founder's "Gerald R. Ford Dry Hopped Pale Ale" will be served at the ceremony Saturday, at a private dinner Friday night, and throughout the town of Newport News Virginia all this week, on draft.  

But the ship will not be christened with beer.  And not with Champagne, either.

Jerry Ford’s daughter, Susan Ford Bales, will break a bottle of American  sparkling wine across the ship's bow.