Have you noticed an increase in train traffic, longer trains crossing thru town. As the economy improves so does train traffic. More trains leads to the potential for more car- train and more pedestrian-train accidents.

Sam Crowl with the railroad-supported Operation Lifesaver tells WOOD Radio even with flashing lights and gates at railroad crossings, Michigan had over 60 car-train crashes last year.

"The number of people who die in those has decreased, mostly because of the safety features in cars. Of the 61 car-train accidents, we had only three fatalities last year."

Most of the accidents, he says, were caused by drivers who tried to beat the train to the crossing or illegally drove around the lowered train gates.

Train-pedestrian accidents also increased last year. Crowl says many of the accidents were caused by young people who use the tracks as a walking path.

"They have headphones on. They don't hear the train coming. They get hit in the back and are killed. Almost all trains have cameras now so we can see that they just didn't react."

Crowl says walking on the tracks is against the law -- and wants to see police start enforcing the rules.