I just had to get the barn cleaned out this weekend, so I got up early this morning to tackle that job.   I need to mow the lawn too,

but I didn't dare start the mower up until after 9am. 

I am thinking I won't be the garbage man's favorite person this week when he pulls up to Chickadee Ridge

I let the turkeys out this morning while I cleaned their pen.

Let's see, I figure they have about 13 weeks till they are the guests of honor at dinner.

I always aim to produce 60 pounders.   I had to have a special roasting pan made for them, but it's well worth it for all the leftovers.

Meantime, down in the pasture..

That's Lucy on the left and Santo taking up the rear.  I have to go see a friend and see if she can visit his bull for a few weeks so we can have a calf next spring.

Santo is one and a half and he is about to take a ride to my friends at Sages in Greenville.