Pediatricians told a legislative committee in Lansing on Thursday that more has to be done to improve the vaccination rates among young people.

They told members of the state Senate Health Policy Committee that more and more parents are refusing to get their kids vaccinated. Michigan ranks fourth in the rate of parents who get religious or philosophical waivers to vaccine requirements, and they emphasize that three out of four waivers are for philosophical reasons.

Dr. Lia Gaggino, President of the Michigan Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics says it's currently "too easy" to obtain a waiver, noting that "if my kid is seven years old, has leukemia and is on chemotherapy and the kid next to them has chicken pox that's a deadly situation."

She says however that the most important way to reverse the vaccination trend is to communicate to the public that vaccinations are not only safe, they're an important way to keep healthy.