Michigan's two U. S. Senators say that the high energy particle research project they would like to see at MSU, a project called FRIB, is included in the new appropriations bill, which might be voted-on Tuesday. 

Senator Carl Levin says the $55 million physics research "is essential to America’s continued leadership in nuclear science." 

Senator Debbie Stabenow said the project "will create thousands of jobs in our state.”

MSU had first proposed the Factility for Rare Isotope Beams several years ago, but Congress never got around to funding the project entirely.  Stabenow indicates this is the final stretch: “When this bill passes, Michigan State will finally be able to start work on this project in the next few months.”

MSU describes the project as pursuing scientific breakthroughs by creating and studying elements that do not normally occur naturally on Earth in hopes that studying these extraordinarily rare materials can help advance scientific research in many fields, including using isotopes to improve medical imaging and the treatment of cancer.

It said the facility will  create isotopes by accelerating atoms of naturally occurring elements to about half the speed of light and crashing them into a thin target material.