Armed with a new national survey, "Mothers Against Drunk Driving" is kicking off their 27th annual "Tie One On For Safety" Red Ribbon anti-drunk driving holiday campaign, which runs now through New Year's Day.

The survey found 73-percent of adults, or three-in-four 21-and-older say they have seen someone try to drive home after drinking at an event.

However, Michigan M-A-D-D Executive Director Tyler MacEachran says attitudes are beginning to change, with many now attempting to stop them.

MacEachran says almost half of those 46 percent surveyed drove the person home themselves 41 percent took away their keys 40 percent told the party host, and 25 percent called a cab for the person in question. Still, MacEachran says 20 percent did nothing and that's where their "Red Ribbon" campaign comes in.

When a ribbon is displayed it pledges the wearer or driver will plan ahead and designate a sober driver during the holidays and stop others drinking and driving.

He says there were nearly 37 thousand drunk driving arrests and nearly 300 people killed in drunk driving crashes between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve last year in Michigan.

Photo Credit: MAAD.ORG