The 131 Northbound Bridge at 3 Mile road in Mecosta county is being demolished Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Morning.  

A new bridge has already been built and will be slid into place starting at noon Sunday.

Concrete will be poured for roadway at both ends of the bridge and it will need some time to cure.

The freeway will be reopened next Thursday to beat the weekend rush North.

Meantime, the detour takes you off the freeway east to Morley.  Then north on Old 131 to Stanwood, and then west back to the freeway.

MDOT says worst, the backup should take no more than 14 minutes.


This was the road into Morley before the freeway was closed.

This is Morley after the freeway was closed.

One caution for people traveling though the detour area.  This is in the heart of Michigan Amish country.