There's something different for Kent City High School students to deal with following spring break.

Unannounced thunderstorms with high winds late Saturday afternoon did significant damage to the building's west side, ruining the gym floor and weight room area.  Superintendent Mike Weiler told WOOD Radio they're going through a normal school schedule today, despite the weekend's troubles. "A few wet spots in the roof, a few buckets in place to catch some water but otherwise we're doing pretty good." Weiler's thankful that people gave of their time to patch 320 holes in the roof and mop up yesterday. "A great response from our community. A lot of volunteers, school employees, neighborhood people coming in to help us pick up. It was really gratifying to see people pull together."

Weiler said they hope to have a plan of action to restore the damaged areas of the building by the end of the month. "We'll hopefully get the gym roof restored and replaced by the end of the school year. The gym floor is probably more of a summer project." The district is approaching their insurance providers to bring that work about.

The high schoolers who have Phys Ed classes are forced to adjust in the short term, according to Weiler. "Gym class is waiting for the warmer weather to go outside. We're just kind of getting by the best we can with that."