Six-thousand square feet of roof collapsed at Interstate Warehouse, just south of the city of Hudsonville in Ottawa County around 3-o'clock this morning. 

The falling roof broke ammonia lines for the cooling systems and an estimated 4,000 pounds of the highly toxic gas filled the building, but apparently did not escape to the outside. 

The nearly I-196 interstate highway, as well as the M-6 Henry beltline both were closed for hours while emergency crews decided how to handle the situation. They re-opened around 9 a.m.

WOOD TV reported an outside contract will help with the cleanup.  The ventilation began in late morning with minimal risk to the public. 

A statement from John Tippmann, Jr., President of Tippmann Group / Interstate Warehousing said,  "The building was closed at the time of the collapse, so there were no injuries.”


Photo credit: WOOD TV