The number hate crimes in Michigan are down, according to Michigan State Police  data.

There were 375 incidents of hate crimes in 2012, down 7 percent from 2011 when there were 403 incidents.

Most of the hate crimes committed were based on racial bias, which accounted for 64 percent of hate crimes. The next highest was because of religion or of sexual orientation, at 12 percent each.

The most common form of hate crime was intimidation or stalking with 160 offenses. Non-aggravated assault accounted for 105 offenses, and property damage was involved in 77 offenses.

Whites accounted for 63 percent of the offenders.

The most common place for a hate crime to take place is at a home or residence, where 36 percent of the incidents occurred.

The next most common location was a highway, road or alley at 15 percent.