The Grand Rapids City Manager has begun his search for a new police chief.

City Manaer Greg Sundstrom tells WOOD Radio's  The Justin Barclay Show the city needs "a Super Human" for what he describes as "probably the toughest job in this town."  Sundstrom says the job is 24-7 and requires someone who can "walk in all worlds."

Sundstrom says the new police chief will need to "take it to the next level", as police services have improved and become more complex with, in one example, the Community Policing that Belk's predecessor Harry Dolan introduced to Grand Rapids.

Sundstrom plans two series of community meetings to "write the qualifications" that will be attached to the nationwide search.   He plans to mail a written survey form to every home in in the city and set up an online web site for your responses, as well.

The first series of meetings comes next week:  February 18th, at Union high,  19th at City Middle/High, and 20th at the G. R. Ford Middle school.  Another series of meetings is to be held in June or July.

"Y'know, tell me what you think the new police chief--  what should he or she be like."