State Police say nearly 3 thousand vehicles were stopped late last year as part of an enforcement effort encouraging safer driving for trucks and passenger vehicles.

Melody Kindraka of the Office of Highway Safety Planning tells WOOD Radio State Police wrote a lot of tickets for improper lane use, careless and reckless driving, speeding, and following too close

"We talked a lot to drivers about leaving space in front and behind of big trucks. You don't want those big trucks coming down on you and following too close, you won't be seen as easy if you follow too close."

Enforcement took place on U.S. 131 and I-196 in Kent and Ottawa counties. The Grand Rapids area was selected after a review of crash data showed high crash rates associated with aggressive behavior.

"It is not just about writing tickets. We want the public to know our officers are out there and this is what we are looking for. We want people to know we have safety in mind."