There are parking ramps and metered parking spaces that regulate when and where people park. In some Grand Rapids neighborhoods, residents say they can't park in front of their own homes, because others, including students and people working downtown take those spaces.

As a result, Eileen Pierce with Grand Rapids Parking Services tells WOOD Radio the city is considering a three-stage parking permit for certain neighborhoods. It would include permits for residents, permits for guests, and permits for commuters.

"There will be a survey of the area that would be appropriate for this kind of zone to go into."

Residents living near Grand Valley State University's downtown campus are complaining they have to park blocks from their homes because students are taking up spaces. Residents near Spectrum Health downtown say the same.

As drawn up today, residents of a permit zone would pay $15 for 6 months. Residents with a permit could get a 24-hour guest permit for $2. Non-resident commuters would pay $4 per day, $75 for 30 days or $200 for 90 days.

The plan still needs full Grand Rapids City Commission approval.