Those who lost loved ones or who have suffered serious physical injuries as the result of an ignition switch failure in recently recalled General Motors vehicles can begin filing claims on August 1st.

Kenneth Feinberg, who is highly regarded for his handling of other significant compensation programs, will administer the GM Compensation program. He told a

US Senate Subcommittee this week there will be no limits on compensation, if claims are deemed eligible.

Feinberg says if the air bags deployed, or seat belt igniters were working at the time of a crash, then the claimant would not be eligible. However, if the claimant cannot remember if either was true, Feinberg says file a claim and they will work with them to see if a solution can be found.

The program is expected to cover approximately 1.6 million recalled vehicles from model years 2003 -to- 2007   manufactured with an ignition switch defect and approximately 1 million model year 2008-2011 recalled vehicles that may have been repaired with a recalled ignition switch.

Feinberg says the program will accept claims from August 1st through the end of the year.