If you drive northbound 131 thru downtown everyday, get ready for good news. You are "this close" to getting your highway back.

"The project comes to a close, thankfully, around 3 or 4 O'Clock in the morning. All thru-lanes of northbound 131 will be open by 4am."   John Richard at the Michigan Department of Transportation tells WOOD Radio the ramp from eastbound 196 to northbound 131 will also open. The new right lane added between Leonard and Ann Street will not be ready for another week or so.

Richard says adding a weave-merge lane between Leonard and Ann Street has been frustrating to drivers, but there has been more to the project than meets the eye.

"The bridge over Richmond Street as well as the bridges over Mill Creek and the railroad had to be widened. There is also a pedestrian tunnel under 131 that connects both sides of the interstate, that had to be widened as well."

Richard says while northbound 131 received the attention during the summer of 2013, southbound 131 will get the identical treatment when state funds become available.