Fruitport police issue a warning about a man going door-to-door claiming to be a roofer and offering to fix yours. 

The police say the man has no permit for this work, since there is no current permit issues for anyone.

The male subject has been described as a white male in his 40’s driving a vehicle that has been described as a blue or green Buick – possibly with a white door on the driver’s side.

The police advise that you  turn him away. 

Police encourage residents to:

• Always verify the solicitor has a permit from the Township and official identification from the company represented.

• Deal only with reputable contractors for home repair projects. Check with friends or family members to see whom they have used for similar projects.

• Check with the Better Business Bureau for information about the company.

• Ask for references, and check them.

• Obtain written estimates (and/or a contract, if applicable) which specify the work to be done, the agreed-upon price for the work and the time frame in which the work will be completed.

• Obtain three or more estimates from different contractors; if there is a wide discrepancy, ask them to justify their price.

• Verify the contractor is properly licensed and insured for projects requiring a licensed contractor.

• Never give personal information unless the legitimacy of the business has been verified and you have decided to purchase goods or services.

• Be very cautious about allowing solicitors into your home. If you are interested, most business can be completed at the door or outside.

• When in doubt, call 9-1-1 and ask for an officer to respond and investigate. Try to get a good description of the suspicious person and vehicles involved, including the license plate number.

Roof repair scams often target senior citizens because the elderly are unlikely to follow the offender onto the roof to inspect whether or not there is actually damage.