Bob Seger announced Monday his first new studio album in eight years, Ride Out, will be released in October.

"I feel really good about this record," Seger said in a statement. "This album touches on how I think a lot of us feel about finding our place in a more complicated world." 

Seger said the new collection of songs out on the new Capitol Records is true to his legendary mix of rock, blues and country.

The new album includes the Seger original, "All the Roads," which he played live during his 2013 tour, to a cover of the Wilco/Billy Bragg's hit "California Stars."

Seger and his band took a decade-long break from the road in the mid 1990s to focus on his family. His last studio album, Face the Promise, was certified platinum in 2006.

Here's Seger performing "California Stars" during his 2013 tour.