A windmill salesman accused of swindling customers in the Upper Peninsula will stand trial.

57-year old Billy Lee Parish of Kincheloe was bound over to Delta County Circuit Court this week on an amended felony count of larceny by conversion greater than $20,000.

According to the Escanaba Daily Press, Parish is suspected of scamming nearly $100,000 from about 45 customers from throughout the Upper Peninsula. He fled the area in late 2011 after police questioned him about the fraudulent sales complaints.
Parish was arrested at a Pennsylvania jail in December.

Police say Parish solicited homeowners to purchase electricity-generating windmills. He took a minimum $2,000 down payment then partially completed the work or, in some cases, took the money and never returned.

Parish is being held on a $10,000 bond. No court date has been set.

Additional fraud charges against Parish are pending in other counties in the U.P. as well as the Lower Peninsula.